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Progress on the DC Metro Silver Line

Dr. Gridlock at the Washington Post has pictures of new stations on the Silver Line – a significant expansion of the DC Metro.

The line adds new stations in Fairfax County in Virginia (including connections to Tysons Corner), runs through DC (matching the existing Orange Line) and then travels to Largo in Prince George’s County.  This phase of the expansion is anticipated to be opening in a few months.  Ultimately (maybe in 2018) it will connect to Dulles Airport.

The article has a picture of a large, covered, and secure bike parking facility that was built for the station.  Planners for the project are working to integrate multimodal alternatives and anticipate that the line will serve suburb-to-suburb commuters, increase train frequency in downtown, and improve some train congestion problems.  Silverlinemetro.com – by WMATA – has many more details.

Bike Street Art

ThisOneRunsOnFatThe image above is a great reminder of why we should get out of the car for some of our daily trips.  It is healthy!  A recent article (highlighted in Planetizen) notes that not only does biking promote physical health, but it was a strong predictor of mental health and happiness as well.

The stencil above is by Peter Drew of Adelaide, Australia.  He is a street artist who promotes biking – for more information see this blog.  (He has added the image to the creative commons via Flickr).