My Advisors

Laura Wolf-Powers

Genie Birch

Ned Hill (Cleveland State University)

Where I Have Previously Studied and Associated Research Institutes

University of Pennsylvania

Penn School of Design

Penn Institute for Urban Research

University of Virginia School of Architecture

ESAVANA – Eastern/Southern African and Virginia Networks and Association

ESAVANA is an initiative with UVA and Universities in South Africa and East Africa.  I had the opportunity to be involved and participate in programs in rural South Africa in the summer of 2005.  The program continues to expand and grow today!

Urban Planning Academic Groups

Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning

Society of American City and Regional Planning Historians

Urban Affairs Association

Urban Studies Foundation

Urban Planning Professional Associations

American Planning Association

Progressive Planners Network 

Helpful Urban Planning News Sites

PlannersWeb (formerly Planning Commissioners Journal)

Next American City


Blogs and Topical Urban Websites

Martin Krieger’s Urban Planning and Academic Life Blog

This site is run by a professor or urban planning at University of Southern California.  It focuses on urban related research and academic life in urban planning.  It is a good read for Ph.D. students in planning and scholars.  It often has tips on presentation style and writing for academics.  It is good for a glimpse of what academic life is like.

Ann Forsyth’s Student Advice Column at Planetizen

This column is the go to place for advice on applying to and surviving a masters program in urban planning.  Dr. Forsyth covers topics ranging from applications to positioning one’s self for internships or jobs after graduation.  It is a great place to start for information on professional planning education.

Biophilic Cities and The Biophilic Cities Project and Blog

Led by Tim Beatley, the Teresa Heinz Professor of Sustainable Communities at UVA, one of the best sources of information on how to green cities and integrate nature into urban life.

Discovering Urbanism

Discovering Urbanism is written by Daniel Nairn, a former classmate of mine at University of Virginia.  He is currently a planner in central Virginia.  It is very well done and I highly recommend it!

Jordan Yin’s Ask-A-Planner Blog

The author of Urban Planning For Dummies and professor at Cleveland State University is chronicling plans from the 100 largest cities in America over the summer of 2013.  The discussion is on his blog and on twitter – check the tag #100plans.

A blog by one of my Penn classmates who studies green infrastructure.

A classmate who works on veterinary medicine and environmental and food systems planning writes here occasionally.

Planner on Wheels

Another classmate who writes on affordable housing and housing policy.  The site started when he biked across the country to support and build affordable housing.


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