A Country of Cities

Vishaan Chakrabarti recently published A Country of Cities: A Manifesto for an Urban America.  (The link is to an excerpt from the book).  Chakrabarti is an accomplished urban planner, architect and real estate development professional who is now the Director of Columbia University’s Center for Urban Real Estate.

I am particularly interested because in 2010 Chakrabarti was a visiting professor at the University of Virginia where I participated in a studio on hyperdensity that he led.  It was a challenge to develop beautiful and viable and (most importantly) livable places at high densities – but it is possible and important!

I will post more in the future once I have had the chance to read the entire book.  Check it out – it is sure to challenge some common assumptions in planning.  It should also provide some reasonable and attainable steps forward to densify cities.  And it is beautifully illustrated.

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