MOOC in Urban Planning Coming Up in May

As I expected and wrote about previously, 2013 will be the year that urban planning entered the MOOC arena.  As a reminder, MOOCs are massive open online courses that are offered through several providers including Coursera, Udacity, and EdX.  My previous post identified the trend and a number of “urban-related” and professional development focused courses, but there had not been an official MOOC in urban planning, nor had there been a MOOC in urban studies.  That is changing soon…

In May, Coursera will offer a course on the “TechniCity” taught by Jennifer Evans-Cowley and Tom Sanchez, professors at Ohio State and Virginia Tech respectively.  The course promises to cover topics including: social media and the city, new technology and the city, and open crowd-sourcing city mapping initiatives.

Here is a video introduction to the course:

Technology and the city is a new and important topic for planning.  There seems like no better way for planning to get into thinking about new technology than to teach it through the MOOC format.  Coming this May, I look forward to learning from the professors and the thousands of participants about how technology can change the city and how planners can use new technology to make a positive difference!

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